Fendi Men Shoes Spring 2018 are sock boots ready

Fendi men shoes spring 2018 is office wear mixed with casual street style fashion elements, featuring slingback loafers, slingback oxfords, sock boots, strappy sandals and flip-flops. “Masculine executives used to be very rigid, in a box. But now it is different . . . I am very interested in normality; it is something I am [...]

Dolce & Gabbana Men Shoes Spring 2018

Dolce & Gabbana Men Shoes Spring 2018 is fun, colorful and luxurious. The collection is much diversified with focus on Millennials. To make sure that the mission is accomplished, many celebrities were casted to walk the runway. Each has substantial amount of followers on Instagram. As usual, flowers still remain as one of main themes [...]

Prada men shoes spring 2018

Prada men shoes spring 2018 is about the dialogue of two opposite worlds, featuring oxfords with molded rubber soles as seen on fashion sneakers, studded caged sandals and Velcro strapped slip on sneakers. Prada men spring 2018 collection was inspired by comic books. “Simple, little fragments of life. That is what we get now from the [...]

Versace men shoes spring 2018

Versace men shoes spring 2018 are catering to the brands new customer groups of the Millennials. Featuring fashion sneaker and loafers, the runway shoes of Versace men spring 2018 collection are contemporary, luxurious and updated with some vintage elements. The red velvet slip on sneakers are adorned with a crown ornaments at front, which is [...]

Lanvin Men Shoes Spring 2017 Stimulate Appetite Of Consumers

Lanvin men shoes spring 2017 are very much street wear influenced if not directly inspired by Lucas Ossendrijver's own shoes as he was wearing on the stage at the end of the show. “It’s a strange time in fashion, and in the world in general,”said Lucas Ossendrijver at the backstage “I decided to be creative. There’s [...]

Givenchy Shoes Men Spring 2017 & Haute Couture

Givenchy men spring 2017 show took place in the courtyard of Paris’s Lycée Janson de Sailly, staged outdoor to the sounds of Son Lux’s “Your Day Will Come.” After visiting Naples in Italy for the inspiration of Givenchy resort 2017 collection, Riccardo Tisci carried on with the street fashion styles and amplified it in Givenchy Men Spring 2017 collection [...]