How would you design your own Cinderella’s glass slippers?

In celebration of the March 13 release of the live-action movie version of the Disney classic, Saks Fifth Avenue commissioned nine of the world’s best shoe designers from Jimmy Choo to Salvatore Ferragamo to design their own version of Cinderella’s glass slipper  for today’s woman.  The shoes, with limited edition, will be finished with Swarovski crystals and […]

How Breathable Is Your Shoe?

How breathable is my shoe? It's always the first question came to my mind when I shopping for a pair of new shoes. I personally like 100% leather shoes because my feet sweat a lot and the breathable leather keep them dry. But exactly how breathable is leather, vegan leather and synthetic leather? I happened to [...]

Before they were born – shoe design illustrations

Long before they were wrapped in paper and carefully placed in a signature shoe box, the perfect pair of shoes is just a thought of fancy to it’s designers. And a whole creative process – from concept to completion – starts with simple act of putting pen to paper. Thanks to Neiman Marcus, we are […]

How to Start Your Own Shoe Brand

Americans bought 2.2 billion pairs of shoes in 2008, according to American Apparel and Footwear Association. Women’s non-rubber footwear was the biggest seller at 886 million pairs. Capitalize on this industry and become an entrepreneur by starting your own shoe brand. You will need to do market research to identify your potential customers and target […]

Is your snakeskin shoes real or faux?

The richness and exquisite grain pattern of genuine snakeskin makes your shoes look like a fine piece of art. The intricate details of genuine snakeskin add a flare to any shoe design. It can magically turn a plain designed shoes into something very tasty. However, snakeskin is exotic, delicate and very narrow in size. The [...]