Best Shoe Advertisement Campaigns Spring 2017

As fall is around the corner, it’s time to take a look at some of the best shoe advertisement campaigns of spring 2017. Effectively and entertainingly, the best shoe advertisement campaigns led the way of showing their products to consumers with clear brand recognition. They are beautifully executed and could teach us one thing or [...]

Glove Shoe Trend Is Here To Stay

Glove shoe trend, in the silhouette of high cut upper and low heels, are dominating the runway and street. It conveniently eliminated the toe cleavage exposure which has been trendy for the past decade and added extra comfort to the wardrobe. Usually crafted with very soft leather for the upper, the glove shoes sucks to your [...]

Red Carpet Shoes at Tony Awards 2017 are very embellished

The crystal embellished shoes were trendy for a while around year 2010. The shoppers usually love to play dress up in a downturn economy. Now at spring summer 2017, the trend seems picking up speed once again. From runway to street wear, the embellished shoes are everywhere. Including feathers, spikes, studs, sparkly rhinestones, tassels, shoe [...]

Victoria Beckham Wear Glove Shoes With Everything

Victoria Beckham was stepping out of JFK airport on Monday in a very colorful outfit of bright orange and lime green. As a signature color from ’90s, lime green is a very tricky color to pull off. Victoria Beckham styled the straight tailored lime green pants with bright orange top and toned down. The designer [...]

Kim Kardashian Showed Us How To Rock Sock Boots In Summer Heat

Sock boots, combined socks with boots, a hybrid of heels and socks, are set to be the next big thing for this fall and winter. The tight ankle hugging silhouette is very versatile and comfortable to be worn with any outfit and look effortlessly stylish. Kim Kardashian took the Yeezy sock boots for a stroll [...]

Bella Hadid Can’t Get Enough Of These Boots And Now Kendall Jenner Too

Unlike her sister Gigi Hadid who loves bright colors, Bella Hadid likes to stick with leather and black when it comes to her signature style. She is very good at playing on her sultry brunette looks with edgy all-black or vampy ensembles. "I wake up in the morning and if I want to wear a [...]