Rick Owens men shoes spring 2018 is classic Owens design. They are weird, strange but spectacular. Rock Owens spelled out the inspiration in the show notes “My recent absorption in Land Art—architecture unleashed—is about the human need to try to find order in wilderness . . . maybe as a futile attempt to put a mark on it as a stab at immortality.”

The show took place on scaffolding that Owens had constructed in his favorite building in Paris, the parvis of the Palais de Tokyo. The models look like a dot at the starting point since the scaffolding was built so high and far.

Rick Owens Men Shoes Spring 2018

Rick Owens Men Shoes Spring 2018

In familiar silhouette, the pull-on mid-calf boots were crafted with neoprene and nylon or thin leather for upper in black. They are grounded with tough bulky molded thick soles that engraved with brand’s logo on the back. The shaft loosely crinkled around the calf, looked very cool, edgy and modern.

Rick Owens Men Shoes Spring 2018

The ankle boots were assembled on the same thick sculptured rubber soles. Tough cow hide was used for upper which is designed in the silhouette like hiking boots. The shoe lace arrangement is creative and refreshing like previous Rick Owens shoe designs. In contrasted white, the lace was crisscrossed at the front and held down by riveted rings scattered on the upper, delivering a structure like scaffolding.

“It’s just lusty and sleazy-sounding, which is appealing, but ‘I Need a Freak’ resonates with me because a freak, in theory, is something rare, unusual, kind of weird, maybe spectacular, maybe transgressive. But it’s about rarity — and something that’s a bit of a surprise” Rick Owens told WWD, “And I think now, in fashion, we’re going through this weird normal thing, and I feel like I’m a freak — it’s just really satisfying to say that. That’s my interpretation of this dumb, dumb Nineties song that’s just fun to listen to.”

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