If you are a fan of “Sex and The City”, Sarah Jessica Parker collaborating with Manolo Blahnik on shoes would be naturally expected, as the star made the brand a household name. Look back on SPJ initial collection launched in 2014, they even share certain similarity in style.

But fashion is interesting because it’s full of surprise and drama. Collaboration is one of the best ways to inject refreshing new elements into a brand. When the princess of pop collaborating with master of stiletto, the most elegant rock’n’roll shoes were born.

Rihanna picked Denim as the upper material for the six limited-edition styles collaborated with Manolo Blahnik. Even though denim is unfamiliar territory for Manolo Blahnik, as he mentioned in the interview, the outcome is applaudable. The signature styles of both parties are well defined in the collection with the design elements such as sequin, pointy toe, embroidery, stiletto and rhinestones. It’s like Manolo Blahnik gone wild but still can find the way home.

If you love dress shoes but looking for some twist, this collection might be right up your alley. The shoes are officially available in stores this morning in London, New York and Hong Kong. Prices range from $895 to $3,995.


Rihanna & Manolo Blahnik Shoe Collaboration

Rihanna & Manolo Blahnik Shoe CollaborationRihanna & Manolo Blahnik Shoe Collaboration Rihanna & Manolo Blahnik Shoe Collaboration


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