Alexander McQueen Men Shoes Spring 2018

Alexander McQueen men shoes spring 2018 continues the designer’s inspiration of fall 2017 womenswear collection, mainly paganism and ancient artisanal crafts detailing. Sarah Burton can’t get enough of nature and folklore. “I love the idea of paganism and make-do-and-mend, and explorers and pioneers,” the designer told WWD at backstage “to kind of ground him.” Alexander [...]

Alexander McQueen Shoes Fall Winter 2017/2018

Alexander McQueen shoes fall winter 2017/2018 at Paris fashion week are powerful, down-to-earth and intricate with ancient artisanal crafts detailing. Inspired by Cornwall, the southernmost county of the United Kingdom, Alexander McQueen collection fall winter 2017/2018 told a story about ancient legends, traditions, motif and paganism. “I felt this sense of groundedness, of needing to [...]

Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2017 At Paris Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen shoes spring summer 2017 at Paris fashion week are edgy grungy with studs and metal plates all over, contrasting the soft tenderness of lace dresses, telling a story of life at dramatic landscapes of Shetland, far north of mainland Scotland, where the designer found the inspiration for spring 2017 collection. Take the toughness [...]

Alexander McQueen Shoes Fall Winter 2016/2017 | Chiko Blog

Alexander McQueen Shoes Fall Winter 2016 2017 are full of couture detailing including feather, rhinestones and embroidery. “It’s all about night time and dreams,” said the designer, Sarah Burton, who decorated her clothes and accessories with talismans and surreal symbols, including pocket watches, butterflies, horseshoes, lips and eyes.She described her woman as“Almost sleepwalking, in a state […]

Best Shoes At Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015/2016 | Chiko Blog

As home to the headquarters of many top fashion labels, including Céline, Rochas, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Chloe, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermès and Lanvin, Paris has been ruling the world of fashion for hundreds of years since Anne Boleyn was famous for wearing a French-style hood in the 16th century. The ability to be […]

Alexander McQueen Shoes At Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015/2016 | Chiko Blog

Alexander McQueen fall winter 2015/2016 collection is inspired by rose. “I was thinking about the female form, and some pictures David Sims took of roses,” Sarah Burton explained. “There’s such beauty in all stages of the life of a rose. So there’s this sense of a woman, who becomes slightly unraveled as she goes along and […]