Design Your Own Shoes – Heels

design your own custom made high heels

Maegen – Crystal & studded stilleto pump from CHIKO Collection


When it comes to design your own high heel shoes,  the heels are the single most important shoe part you should select first. Not only the beauty of your design depends on it, but also the comfort. Well molded high heels shall look good as well as feel good when walking.

Most of high heels are made with a process of injection molding. The hard plastic material used for high heels are called ABS.

When a heel is molded in an injection machine, it looks something like this, a piece of very hard white plastic.  For high heels, there shall be a metal pin inside to reinforce the load bearing.

design your own custom made shoes

Freshly Molded ABS Heels


Now after the shape is molded, we can process them in the way you want for your shoe designs. They can be self-covered, crystallized, stacked, painted or chromed etc, depending on what you have in mind for your shoe design.

design your own custom made shoes - heels

Heel Processing Options


The heel height usually refers to the highest part of the heel back to the ground. Some factories may exclude the rubber top piece at the tip.  The heel height of 1 to 2 inches are categorized as low heels. 2 to 3 inch height would be considered as mid heel height. 4 inch is a standard high heels. Above 4 inch would be ultra-high heels and they are usually designed with a platform to make it walkable.

design your own custom made shoes - heels

Heel Height Measurements


A specially-designed custom made heel, if exclusively used on your own shoe designs, can be an iconic symbol for your shoe brand recognition, just like red signature sole for Christian Louboutin. For example, Casadei has been using these metal heels on several of their shoe designs. So is the filigree heels on Sergio Rossi’s shoes.

design your own custom made heels

Casadei Heels


But custom made heels can take months to finalize a design and they cost a lot more because of the heavy investment on the injection molds. If the order quantity is very large, the mold investment can be averaged down to minimum. If the order quantity is small or just for one pair of shoes, we don’t recommend custom made heels because the fixed mold investment would drive the price very high.

It would be more economical to use our available heels if the order quantity is small, since the mold costs are already waived off.

Check out our regular heel collection and pick one for your own shoe design. Good news for small feet and large feet – they are available in size 3 to size 13! Now you can design your own shoes and wear them too!

design your own custom made shoes - heels and wedges - size 3 to size 13