We strive to provide exceptional products: meeting and exceeding client expectations and we constantly improve our product quality to deliver a consistent and impressive experience for each and every client.

The following testimonials are published upon the client’s agreement.  More reviews on our shoes can be found in review section of each product.


“I was pretty lucky because the company (CHIKO Shoes) that I found is one of the only ones that I know of where you can take your pencil sketch of what you want and notes on what materials you want to use and they actually will work with you and make a prototype— all just from this piece of paper.”

Elizabeth LeGear, Canada


“We evaluated most of the options out there when choosing our production partner before we made the decision to work with CHIKO Shoes. With their ability to handle the complexities and uniqueness of our designs, and the fact that they are really willing to work with us to understand and respond to our needs, CHIKO Shoes gave us the greatest peace of mind that we could accomplish what needed to be done. ”

Samantha Griffin, USA


” Having been a real shoe lover all my life. I thought Christina I ordered from CHIKO Shoes would be just sit there with the others of my 4 inch heel collections. It turned out to be more than that. Christina are actually COMFORTABLE 4 inch heels! They are actually wearable. It is one of my favorites these days. After all these years, I wish I had found CHIKO Shoes sooner. ”

Jacoba van Vliet, Netherlands


“When I first visited this website and read the testimonials I was unsure because of all the AWESOME recommendations. Now I too am a believer, I recently purchased Sophia sandals and was amazed by the craftsmanship and the quality, especially the crystal brooch. They are designed and built to last. Thanks!”

Sanne M., Germany


“As a rule, I never send comments to catalogs or websites, but I felt I had to this time. I love Kim peep toe pumps I ordered, but I was most pleasantly surprised by the quality I received. Thanks- I will definitely be back. ”

Tina Walsh, United States


“Please commend your sample makers on the quality of the shoes, it’s absolutely fabulous. I’ve been looking at very expensive shoes in high street boutiques and I’m quite surprised at how bad the quality of some of them are! Your models are much better – thank you. I’m looking forward to a long and successful working relationship with CHIKO Shoes.”

Mary Houston, Ireland


” I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I am by your products. The quality is much better in comparison with other shoes I had purchased in the past. The quality of the material used and the workmanship put into the shoes shows fine craftsmanship.

I have already placed an order for two more product lines. Thank you for providing such high quality shoes at such reasonable prices.”

Karen Ford, Netherland


“Thanks for all your services. I do not know how I ever worked it out without your help. Everything was above and beyond what I expected.”

Sara Gray, Netherlands


“Thank you for your shoes. They are beyond our expectations. We are so pleased with your product. If everyone could be as customer focus as your company, life would be so much easier. I wish all companies took such pride in their customers. ”

Chris Howard, Germany


“It’s incredible. We are amazed at the quality. We enjoyed doing business with your company. Thanks for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Your service and your products are very good. ”

Kate Roberts, Poland


“I called more than twenty companies before I reached your company for my small production order. You were the only one who gave me so much information in less than a week. I was very impressed. Thanks for your good service.”

Anthony Brown, Spain


“If your design is too complicated for most shoe producers in China, they can do it!

I wouldn’t dream to let anyone else handle my shoe production in China. It amazed me how well they work out on the details of my designs …..”

Peter Wang, United States