6 Must Have High Boots To Make Your Legs Look Gorgeous


When it’s below zero, nothing is better than high boots to keep you warm and stylish. Boots give us the possibilities to wear skirts and dresses in cold weather. They can polish the skinny jeans and brought out the best style of winter chic. Boots increase the versatility of your wardrobe and become one of the most favorite basics.

Throughout recent years, shoe designers have tried all kind of design tricks on the high boots to make them more attractive to the consumers with the sole purpose of elongate your legs and make them look gorgeous. Here are 6 must have high boots proven to be most effective if you want to show off your less than perfect calves and get the best look out of your winter wardrobe.

6 must have boots to make your legs look gorgeous

1. 50/50 high boots:

Stuart Weitzman made 50/50 boots worldwide famous. They are called 50/50 because the front and back shaft are made of different materials. Usually the front part is made of suede or leather and the back part made with elastic fabric. The shade of different materials visually lengthen the legs and the elastic on the back ensured a tight fit no matter your calf is chubby or slim.


6 must have boots to make your legs look gorgeous

 2. Knee high boots with straight tailored shaft:

The extra space provided with straight tailored shaft can make your legs look super slim. They are perfect choice if you want to wear boots with jeans or leggings, or styled with super size coat and short skirt like Blake Lively. The straight silhouette adds a fashion flavor of chic, laid back cool whilst still packing a lot of attitude. Choose the classic style with minimal detailing and you will love them for years to come.


6 must have boots to make your legs look gorgeous

 3. High boots with stretchy elastic shaft:

The tight stretchy boots are the epitome of opulence and simplicity. The clean, streamlined upper makes the tight stretchy boots an ideal option to transition through the day. The sexy silhouette with short skirt will give you an added boost of confidence, or style with jeans like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to look more conservative and pulled together.


6 must have boots to make your legs look gorgeous

 4. Slouchy boots with level difference:

Channeling an ultramodern edge, the slouchy boots with tall front over the knee and low back can be very cute with rock’n’roll vibe. Pick a pair that’s fitted around your leg but not so tight that your skin bulges out from the back. Allow little space between your leg and your boot. These boots look the best with chunky heels or block heels. Can be styled with short like Christine Teigen for a casual sexy silhouette, or go for a casual but sill refined look with tucked in skinny jeans or leggings.


6 must have boots to make your legs look gorgeous

5. Combat boots with lace up front:

Adapted from combat boots, the knee high boots with lace up front are very much in trend. They are fresh off the runway and extremely easy to wear.  Whether dressed down with your favorite jeans like Kate Moss or dressed up in a flirty skirt, you just can’t go wrong with these boots.


6 must have boots to make your legs look gorgeous

 6. Thigh high boots:

Thigh high boots have been in trend for several seasons. Many designers include thigh high boots in their winter collection. They make your legs look amazing and many wonderful combinations come with thigh high boots. There is a thin line between trashy and stylish with thigh high boots. Take the thigh high boots with low heels for easy day walk, work time or casual night party, or make sure the shaft is long enough to cover most part of your leg if wearing in an office.  Subtle allure can be worked into high-heeled thigh boots for a night out with a mini skirt revealing an inch or two of leg.