8 Shoe Trends To Shop This Fall Winter Proved By Fashion “it” Girls

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

Global warming and global appetite for fashion with fast spreading fashion news online these days have blurred the seasonal boundaries. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, Bikinis, leather jackets, fur coats and crop tops are presented on the same runway among the all-weather looks around the season.

So did the recent street style of fashion “it” girls off-duty looks. Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella Hadid, BFF Kendall Jenner have been sporting fall winter shoes and clothes lately in the middle of hot summer.

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

It’s no longer about I’m color or I’m hot. The fashion forward consumers simply want something new to wear NOW. The boundary of weather related seasons is fading as people feel the sense of urgency or excitement to get an instant involvement with the latest fashion wherever or whenever they are.

It’s like blurring lines between what you would wear to the gym and what you’d wear out for dinner. For any global successful fashion labels, the collection needs to be trans-seasonal these days.

As the off-duty fashion models are flaunting their latest cold weather fashionable ensemble, it gave us an opportunity to have a sneak peek of the shoe trends to shop this fall winter, and the following eight shoe styles should be on your winter fall fashion shopping list, as you’ll see them everywhere in coming months:

  1. Fur slippers

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

Fur slippers is definitely one of the shoe trends to shop this fall winter. Gucci fur lined slippers gained favor of many fashion icons. They are cozy and laid-back. Furry shoe trend was boomed back in 2015 and looks like it’s going to continue as the weather getting chilly.

  1. Thigh high boots

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

Thigh high boots are the ultimate statement shoes to have for cold weather wardrobe. Leather or suede, flat sole or block heels, the popularity of thigh high boots are still on the rise. They are versatile and functional. Mini skirt, feminine dress, skinny jeans or shorts, the way to style thigh high boots are nearly endless. Even the new Prime Minister of UK is a fan of over knee high boots and you should definitely sport them in your own personal style this winter.

  1. Velvet boots

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

Velvet shoe trend has been around on the runway for several seasons in many varieties including boots, pumps to sandals. The statement-making velvet shoes are shimmery but not as bright as patent, adding just right amount of drama to your total outfit without being too loud. They are perfect for special occasions or simple every day wear.

  1. Combat ankle boots


Combat ankle boots are one of the favorite shoe styles by off-duty fashion models. They are made for strutting featuring sturdy rubber sole and lace up front. They are comfortable and add solid edge to your style. Put them on and you ready for a weekend excursion at any time.

  1. Flatform shoes


Flatform shoes continue to be the big trend for coming fall winter 2016 – 2017, elongating your legs and add length to your silhouette with casual cool feel. They combine platform and flats with body weight evenly distributed on the architectural structured flatform soles. Check out how to style flatform shoes like celebrities or street style icons.

  1. Patent ankle boots

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

The ankle boots with patent leather makeover will hit the store in many varieties fall and winter of 2016, featuring block heels, chunky platforms or flat rubber sole. The glossy surface added a bold statement to any type of ankle boots and the ankle-hugging silhouette will complete your outfit with a seductive sensation.

  1. White sneakers

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

White sneaker trend is not going away any time soon. Taking over the sidewalks, white sneakers are everyone’s favorite from celebrities, fashion editors to style bloggers. Athleisure trend isn’t slowing down a bit this fall but conquering the fashion world with more features like anklet, geometry or metallic shades, adding a refreshing touch to your 9-to-5 looks or off-duty days.

  1. Snakeskin Knee High Boots

shoe trends to shop this fall winter

The snakeskin shoe trend will get its way back into our closets this fall winter. The intricate details of snakeskin add a flare to any shoe design and the edgy patterns will take any of your outfit to the next level. Combined with knee high length, snake skin boots are sleek sophisticated style to sport this fall or winter, instantly making you look special. Check out how to tell your snakeskin shoes are real or faux.

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