Chanel Shoes At Haute Couture Spring 2015


Haute couture after all is about turning the most wildest, craziest, seems impossible fantasies into a kind of reality, and Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2015 showed you how to do it in a green house with 300 mechanical flowers simultaneously blooming.

“I thought of it six months ago, in a flash,” said Lagerfeld. “There are 300 machines here under our feet, one to make each flower work.” Each of them had its own engine and it took six months to decorate Chanel Couture catwalk, a “couture” set of itself given the labor intensive and time consuming decoration comparable to the couture embroidery with extreme attention to details.


The slouchy skirts, cropped tops, embroidered tweeds are all completed with one shoe design: black stretchy flat square toe boots with Chanel’s signature capped toe in patent, half way to the calf high, look like socks.


The stream lined upper is simple and practical, very much catered to the young consumers taste of today. Karl Lagerfeld once again endorsed the comfortable shoe trend with these flats. The second-skin silhouette will soon be found in many collections of coming seasons for sure.

One issue about these stretchy sock boots is the noticeable crinkled toe box due to lack of toe puff insert, which most likely left out intentionally since the second-skin stretchy boots usually made without lining. As Lagerfeld said backstage: “Keep the best, forget the rest.”

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