Fashion Is Officially Addicted To Sneakers

Sneaker continue to be in trend

Fergie was spotted in a pair of very cute fashion sneaker boots when walking out of a bar with Josh Duhamel after watching the Championship football games on January 18 in Los Angeles.

Since sneakers trend has been endorsed by Karl Lagerfeld, we all know the sneaker trend is not going away anytime soon. On the runway of fashion week spring 2015, many designers have sneakers to match their outfit or have designs inspired by athletic theme. Sneakers are not just for the gym any more, but can be worn to a wedding, party or even in the office.

From the original simple white tennis shoes to Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, the sneaker trend is subtly fine-tuning itself by merging between contemporary and athletic lines to appeal to more consumers.  The market for functional as well as aesthetically pleasing shoes is expanding and attracted more fashion shoe designers to enter with their own version of kicks.

As more designers are playing in the field, the once boring gym shoe has undergone a glamorous transformation with fine twists. More fashion shoe elements are added to the design especially when design masters like Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin joined the game.

Everyday can be casual Friday with current fine twisted fashion sneakers. Featuring streamlined fashion shoe upper and athletic white outersoles, the fashion sneakers earned its own category in the fashion shoe stores these days. They offer more fashion vibe than traditional gym kicks and combine an array of themes and functions in one, conveying a modern fashion feel when wear with dresses or skirts.

Fashion is officially addicted to sneakers. Scroll down to see some of our best seller fashion sneakers at Chiko Shoes.

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