First Look Of Sarah Jessica Parker Shoe Line SJP

sjp shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker, the “Sex and the City” star, finally decided to launch her own shoe line, which is called “SJP” and will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom in early 2014.

“I’ve been thinking of doing this for years but never found the right fit,” says actress turned shoe designer Sarah Jessica Parker. “Everything needed to align, from quality to price point.”

SJP shoe line, which was announced back in June 2013, was shown for the first time Wednesday to its exclusive retail partner Nordstrom. Reportedly, the retailer couldn’t have been happier, as the well-thought-out line had plenty to offer.

Glamour brought us some exclusive photos of SJP shoe line today. The styles range from high heel to flat with the price range of $250 to $425. Each shoe will come with a design detail unique to the brand: a stripe of grosgrain ribbon up the heel or a small tab on the side of a slip-on shoe. “My sister and I always wore ribbons in our hair; we had a drawer full of grosgrain ribbon but not any money,” said Parker.


The Etta: “This one is for short ladies like me! I made the T-strap lower to lengthen the leg.” ($425)



The Carrie: “Carrie is obviously one of my favorite people, and this is an ode to her. It’s a strong shoe that can be worn for day and night.” ($355)



The Lady: “This shoe is polite and old-fashioned. It suits a wide range of women with its simple silhouette.” ($350)



The Billie: “I imagine every woman in these. They’re comfy and chic, especially with the low-cut front.” ($195)



“The Alison: This is for the girl who doesn’t want to wear a traditional ladylike heel but wants a bit of height.” ($485)