Get Fashionable With Ugly Shoes


When the top designers were sending Birkenstock inspired shoes down the runway for about two seasons, you know it’s the time for the “ugly” shoes to be “it” shoes.

These “mandal” shoes, men’s inspired sandals with chunky leather straps, buckles and thick soles, are far from feminine, but it doesn’t matter for the fashion editors, as mandals end up on top of their wishlists of this summer.

“When my husband sees them, he says I’m lucky that we’re already married, but honestly I think it’s so much more sexy to be slightly underdressed, like you’re not trying too hard.” says Vogue Associate Accessories Editor Jorden Bickham.

Ansley sandals - chiko shoes

Elastic  leather sandals $99 at CHIKO Shoes

“They are probably out-selling high heels,” says Topshop buying director, Maddy Evans: “There is such an appetite.” It’s an appetite for comfort in this trend. These shoes are not the men’s favorite for women, but they do offer a lot of comfort, especially needed after walking around in those towering high heels of previous seasons.


The structure of these ugly sandals are very simple: Wide leather strap upper, Velcro closure, paired with orthopedic-like thick soles or molded sporty soles. They are ugly and chunky, but they look pretty cool with ladylike dresses or tailored pants. A fresh pedicure is a must with these shoes.

Dima – Leather Strap Sandals

Leather strap sandals $129 from CHIKO Shoes



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