Givenchy Shoes Resort 2017 Collection | Chiko Blog


Givenchy Resort 2017 collection is influenced by Naples in Italy with diversified themes featuring elegant ladies, urban youths and street fashion of clubbers.“Towards the dark, but with the romanticism as well,”said the designer, “Even young generations of women, in a moment of crisis, want to buy something that they recognize,so identity is the key.”

As many fashion forward kids are joining the clientele of Givenchy, the resort 2017 collections are refreshed with street wear, which are photographed in a shabby neighborhood where laundry hangs between apartments, while the elegant matured uptown styles are photoed with more glamorous background. The literal illustration of brand’s popularity stays in every corner of the city.

Mix echoes of Naples are also among the shoes from Givenchy Resort 2017 collection. Strap sandals, Mary-Jane pumps with wide straps and block heels in contrast colors and pointed toe mules with stiletto are for ladies, while thick platform boots, edgy punk booties full of studs, logo knee socks and rave masks left plenty to choose for clubbers. As mentioned by the designer, all audience are satisfied with the recognizable design elements which are associated with their identities.

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