Jean Paul Gaultier Shoes At Haute Couture Spring 2015


Jean Paul Gaultier Couture spring 2015 is classic bridal themed – “61 Ways to Say Yes”. Naomi Campbell, wrapped in cellophane and live orchids, closed the show as a bridal bouquet.

“It shows that at the end of the day you can dress and get married in any number of ways,” said the designer, who announced last September of quitting ready to wear and focus on Haute Couture. “By stopping ready-to-wear, I have been able to perfect techniques and all the handcraft which is incredible”

Just like the look “To Bi or Not to Bi”, tailored as men suit on one side and dress on the other, the shoe collections are masculine-feminine hybrid too, mixed with graceful conventional satin high heels, lace up sparkly oxford flats and crystal encrusted pointy toe loafer.

The designer’s miraculous handcraft is well elaborated on the python sandal design, featuring lace up bottom connecting the upper pieces together. Satin strapped top is practical and functional, easy to adjust for a tailored fit.

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