Prada Wants No Single Face Linked To The Brand In Fall 2016 Campaign

Prada fall 2016 advertisement campaign

Prada released its fall 2016 campaign today and total 27 models were featured in this campaign since Prada wants no single face to be linked to the brand’s fall winter 2016 collection, quite different from many other fashion brands, for instance, Fendi fall 2016 ad campaign, which features Kendall Jenner solely.

Prada fall 2016 advertisement campaign

Prada used collage for their fall 2016 advertisement, featuring world traveling theme with the background of night sky, sunset, mountain views, city landscape, Aurora Borealis, grassland and ocean.

prada-fall-216-ad-campaign (3)

In the press release, Prada explained “In dressing each morning, a woman recomposes her unique collage of a life. Therein lies her strength.”

Originating from the French word “coller”, meaning “to glue”, the collage can achieve amazing results and computer software made it easy these days. Collage is something never done before for fashion brands advertisement campaigns. But for this fall, both Prada and Chanel are taking the collage approach and surely more brands will follow.
Prada fall 2016 advertisement campaign

Scroll down to click through the photos of Prada fall 2016 advertisement campaign:

Scroll down to watch the video of Prada fall 2016 ad campaign:

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