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Prada Shoes Resort 2018 Are Sports Inspired Elegance

Prada Shoes Resort 2018
Prada shoes resort 2018 are a perfect combination of femininity and sportswear elements, achieving elegance through sports sneakers and transparent dresses or mini skirts. Prada Resort 2018 collection took place in Fondazione Prada's Observatory in Milan, an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art and visual arts. “I wanted to do a modernist show, then we...

Prada Shoes Fall Winter 2017/2018 at Milan fashion week

Prada Shoes Fall Winter 2017/2018
Prada shoes fall winter 2017/2018 are very colorful and decorated. The inspiration of Prada fall winter 2017/2018 collection is Federico Fellini’s movie called “City of Women”. Just from the title, you would know it’s about empowering women, the theme which has been repeatedly hit the runway this season. For Prada, it’s not about politics but...

Prada Shoes Spring Summer 2017 At Milan Fashion Week

Prada Shoes Spring Summer 2017
Prada shoes spring summer 2017 at Milan fashion week are futuristic mixed with classic fashion glamour from the past. In candy color palette of pink, bright yellow or blue, featuring kitten heel strip sandals, plastic sporty flatforms and rubbery slides, Prada runway shoes are decorated with marabou feathers, sportswear influenced Velcro straps or floral pins, displaying a...

Prada Wants No Single Face Linked To The Brand In Fall 2016 Campaign

Prada fall 2016 advertisement campaign
Prada released its fall 2016 campaign today and total 27 models were featured in this campaign since Prada wants no single face to be linked to the brand’s fall winter 2016 collection, quite different from many other fashion brands, for instance, Fendi fall 2016 ad campaign, which features Kendall Jenner solely. Prada used collage for...
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