Grommets Shoe Trend Is Going Viral

Grommets shoe trend, or metal eyelets shoes, are spotted everywhere from runway to street styles. Whether it’s punched all over handbags, or studded on the shoe straps, or a single giant one on a shoe upper, it is undeniable grommets are making a big wave at this moment.

grommet pants-Kendall-Kylie-Drop-Two-collection

Grommet Decorated Denim from Kendall+Kylie Drop Two Collection

Grommet decoration is a clever twist which added some edge to the shoes or handbags in a fun and easy way, a little detail to modernize the design instantly but not too much. As a shoe accessory which is commonly available, they are eye catching without abrupt intrusion. They are also very practical to prevent tearing shoe material through penetration, as well as cover the sharp edges of the piercing. When multi grommets used on a strap, you can buckle up easier too.

If you found that studs are too outspoken, grommets could be your option when it comes to edgy embellishment on shoes. No matter it’s a large grommets for extra attention or several small ones in a playful pattern, they sure will fire up your summer styles with your own fashion statement to make a difference.