Most Unexpected Shoes On Red Carpet Of Grammy Awards 2018


Unlike other red carpet events which usually go for classy elegant celebrity styles, Grammy is a wild card when it comes to red carpet dressing. You can never predict what’s about to strut down the red carpet of Grammys. The red carpet styles of Grammys are well known for incredibly outrageous and headline-making appearances and accessories.  The yearly event for music usually delivers avant-garde aesthetic with musicians dressed up in unusual but fantastic styles.


Lady Gaga shoes Grammy awards 2018

Though traditionally it leaves artists to pick the styles for their red carpet looks, this year there is a recognizable effort underway to send out a message on the carpet prior to the program starts. While the celebrities at the 2018 Golden Globes dressed in black in honor of the Time’s Up movement, for Grammys it’s been recommended that participants use a white rose as an indication to support the movement. The performers were not asked to wear black but it didn’t stop the celebrities to arrive on the red carpet one after the other in their envelope-pushing attire and jaw dropping accessories. From Lady Gaga’s super sheer lace bodysuit to Pink’s edgy jeans, this specific red carpet is a much more wild show and it’s no exception for the celebrities’ shoes that hit the red carpet.

Among the traditional stiletto strap sandals, a new trend is emerging for the red carpet shoes with the varieties expanded to thigh high boots, sneakers and cowboy ankle boots. Pumps and sandals no longer rule the red carpet exclusively. After Millie Bobby Brown strikes the mark and worn sneakers on the red carpet of SAG awards 2018, the trend of unusual footwear on red carpet continues and seems picking up speed. Scroll down to check out some of the most unexpected red carpet shoes Grammy Awards 2018:


Hailee Steinfeld


Alessia Cara




Nancy O’Dell


Sarah Silverman


Thomas Rhett

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