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Gigi Hadid Took Mismatched Loafers For Two Fresh Winter Styles

Gigi Hadid Mismatched Shoes
Mismatched shoes are officially the new fashion “it” accessories among celebrities. After Selena Gomez and Nicole Kidman sported mismatched shoes on red carpet, Gigi Hadid is the latest joining the team. The model off duty was stepping out in New York City wearing a pair of mismatched loafers and looked stunning. Gigi Hadid Mismatched Shoes...

Gigi Hadid Took Rebellious Vibe To The Next Level With Combat Boots

Gigi Hadid combat boots styles
Originated from the war and later worn by 70’s punk rockers as iconic elements of aggressive implications, from essential battlefield footgear to symbolic fashion statement, combat boots made the perfect transformation throughout years and picking up steam even more this season. Fashion crowd has embraced these sturdy practical boots for its edgy grungy style and...
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