Our production capacity for private designs are fully booked. We are not processing any new private designs at this moment and not sure when we will have spare production slots to share with private designers.. Emails about producing your own private shoe designs may not get answered.

design your own custom made shoes
what is prototype

A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. In general, an iterative series of prototypes will be designed, constructed and tested as the final design emerges and is prepared for production.

why prototyping

When it comes to present design details, work on the modifications, and fit for comfort, nothing is better than a well made wearable shoe prototype.  A stunning prototype can almost sell itself to your potential clients & business investors.

prototype process

A common strategy is to design, fit, evaluate and then modify the design based on analysis of the first raw sample after the pattern is made. The final prototype is progressively refined during the process with all the pros and cons studied for bulk production.

design your own custom made shoes - prototype
design your own custom made shoes - prototype - price
prototype production time
design your own custom made shoes - prototype service - why -us

We turn your ideas into realty with our comprehensive product development capabilities – matching your creativity with our proven product development experience.

With decades of experience in developing the shoes from outline illustration, we can turn any 2D drawings, sketches, shoe pictures or images directly into wearable prototype shoes in a very short delivery time.

Enabling shoe designer to design a shoe by providing just a simple illustration, our professional shoe prototype service provides the fashion lovers a turnkey solution to have their shoe designs custom made into wearable shoes.

Leveraging the supplier relationships built up in the past, CHIKO Shoes has direct access to a huge range of new and diverse shoe parts. And our close ties with our suppliers give us the advantage of short delivery time.

We take great pride in the quality we offer. We partner with our clients and cater to their needs of competitive pricing, high quality shoes and on-time delivery.

design your own custom made fashion sneakers
design your own custom made shoes
design your own custom made shoes