Flatform Sandals Updated With Pearls

Flatform sandals often carry the names of ugly, bulky and unfeminine. But the comfort and extra height without heels have convinced many audiences. Until this season, the unpolished flatform sandals had a makeover with studs, satin, velvet, pearl and embroidery. If you were not convinced about flatform sandals, it’s time to reconsider, as no other shoe types can compete with flatform sandals when it comes to style, comfort and chic rolled into one.

No matter styled with sleek evening dress or fine tailored trench coat for day time, the modern architectural silhouette of flatform shoes can instantly add a bit of edge and attitude to your outfit. When wear with romantic floral dress or futuristic artistic patterns, the hardness of flatform shoes gets softened in the way it only spells modern chic.

No doubt flatform shoes have grown up into an ageless wardrobe staple and for this summer, it is the flatform sandals’ time to shine. On the runway of spring summer 2017, the go-to shoes are updated with new features including lace up, ribbons, brooches, crystals, sculptured motif and even LED lights. If you have been sitting on the fence all this time, you have been presented with more options than ever this season.

Here is one of our recommendations for flatform sandals. They are designed with pearl studded all the way around the bottom for a little dressed up flavor, the ultimate go-to shoes for day to day wear. They can be styled with almost anything including denim, shorts or mini skirt. Scroll down to check out our lookbook for these flatform sandals.