Versatile Ruffle Sneakers That Combined Comfort With Style

Started with flutter sleeves and peplums, it’s no doubt that the ruffle trend is here to stay for the coming seasons. The crucial pattern has been spotted on the runway shoes of Proenza Schouler spring 2018 collection and made its way to embellish the necklines, skirts, coats and blouse.

Cascading your shoulders or spiraling off your hips, the structured ruffles make a significant fashion statement which looks feminine romantic and polished. It added a touch of drama to any outfit and works like a charm for an elegant makeover.

ruffle sneakers

Ruffle Sneakers

Ruffle Sneakers

Ruffle Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, ruffle works like jewelry to turn a basic style into something polished. A well placed ruffle on shoes can make a great difference to deliver a refreshing chic style without trying too hard. When placed on a pair of slip-on fashion sneakers, the casual vibe and trendy adornment combined comfort with style. It can instantly take your styling game to the next level with any summer outfit including denim, dress, skirts or shorts.

Ruffle decoration is an attention focus and it functions as an accessory itself. It would be wise to minimize your other accessories when wearing ruffle trend. Use ruffle as a centerpiece of your attire and avoid clash of too many. You can skip the earrings and necklace if you have ruffles throughout your shoulder and pull your hair back in a streamlined silhouette so it does not interfere. You can bypass the bracelets and rings if you have ruffles at your bottom hem or cutting your sleeve. Sometimes all you need is a pair of ruffled shoes to accessorize your entire outfit.

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