Gucci Shoes Resort 2017

Gucci Cruise/Resort 2017 Fashion Show

Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 fashion show took place on June 2 in Westminster Abbey, London, where many famous British royals were getting married, crowned and buried. Inspired by the English penchant for decoration, Gucci Resort 2017 collection is about Gothic, British culture and fashion legacy.

“I really love the English aesthetic and it’s something that belongs to my language. English culture is in a way very close to my beautiful chaos.” said Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, “It’s crazy because I think only in London can a church say ‘yes’ to a fashion show. I was thinking of a place that represents the spirit and the powerful beauty, I mean look at this place, Westminster Abbey is something very romantic in a way; it’s that kind of unknown Gothic place full of history. I also love the idea of Gothic, I always say that gothic came from Rome. To dive in this gothic sea of inspiration! The punk, the Victorian, the eccentric—with this inspiration, I can work all my life!”

From business point of view, as explained by Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and chief executive officer, U.K. has always been an important region for the brand with important growth. “It’s really picking up and we’re getting back a lot of the local clientele that we lost. I think the challenge in the beginning was really to renew the attention and emotion around the brand — and bring people back into the shops. People who haven’t bought Gucci for a long time have come back to buy it again.”

From Union Jack jumpers, ’90s Spice Girl monster boots to the Queen’s signature headscarf, the British touch is obvious on the impressive 96 looks, along with the embellished, bright colored, studded denim jackets, intarsia fur coats and delicate evening gowns.

The shoes on the runway are quirky, punk, embroidered, glittery and with modern twists of pearls, studs, spikes, English flag or ultra high rainbow platforms. It’s a mix of granny’s loafers with British youth culture and street fashion to deliver a confident edgy attitude for the next generations of consumers. “There’s something very punk about the idea that you can wear a skirt from your granny’s wardrobe,”as defined by the designer.

Click through the gallery to see the details of the shoes on the runway of Gucci Cruise 2017 Collection: